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The NetWare Toolbox

R. Bastiaansen, R. Meijll

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The tips and tricks in this book are based on real life scenarios that NetWare administrators come across on a daily basis. Tips are divided into twelve categories, ranging from the installation, upgrade, and configuration of a NetWare server to advanced searches in iMonitor, iManager and ConsoleOne and from chaining login scripts to working with NetWare's internal debugger.
This book contains information about practical issues and uses a practical approach to solve and prevent problems that administrators can come across in their NetWare environment. The author did not intend to create a book with all the background information that exists on the NetWare Operating System. Instead, he has described how to work with the tools and how to implement the tips in a new or existing NetWare environment. When necessary, he explains the technical concepts to help the reader understand what happens while implementing a specific tip.
This book is not a complete guide for NetWare Administrators. Common daily operations like creating users and managing rights on a NetWare server are explained in the product manual and many of the NetWare Administrator’s guides that are readily available.
The tips and tricks in this book work on recent versions of NetWare. Some tips may even work on NetWare 3, 4 and 5. The author has focused primarily on NetWare 6 and 6.5 for his research and has also tested many tips on the NetWare version of Open Enterprise Server.


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Product specificaties:

Titel The NetWare Toolbox
Ondertitel 200 tips and tricks for your NetWare environment
Auteur R. Bastiaansen, R. Meijll
ISBN-13 9789080893429
Jaar van uitgave 2010
Druk 1
Uitgever Books4Brains
Bindwijze Paperback
Aantal pagina's 224
Taal EN
Afmetingen 154 x 231 x 16 mm
Gewicht 369 gram
Boekhandelskorting Nee